Melissa Del Pinto

Melissa Del Pinto (B 1979, Montreal, Canada) is a fine-arts painter and muralist best known for her dramatic, large-scale paintings and murals of single-themed, photorealistic birds that take centre stage against a solid-color background. Each oil painting holds a surprising complexity of color, dramatic brushwork, detail and texture, often made contemporary by the skilled use of aerosol paints.

Her background is in Illustration and Design (Dawson College, Montreal, 2001). She further developed her skills in Florence, Italy. She returned to Montreal and spent time in the fashion industry.

Del Pinto is a well-commissioned artist. Her work can be found in corporate, public and private collections. Prestigious establishments such as The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (La Petite du Musée) and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (La Delivrance de L’Aiglon) have commissioned Del Pinto’s works. Del Pinto has also completed murals for organizations such as Starbucks, Shopify, Mad Radish, Kiehl’s, Jansport, Cote Nord Tremblant, Jansport, MU and others.

Del Pinto is listed in the Government of Canada, Canadian Heritage Database of Canadian Artists. A dossier of her work is available  at The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Library and Archives, Canadian Artists Documentation Collection for use by curators, researchers and the public.

Her work has been highlighted in major newspapers and magazines such as Le Devoir, The Montreal Gazette, Le Journal de Montreal, La revue d’art du Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, Decovér Magazine, Sofadéco, CULT Montreal, Atmosphere Air Transat Magazine… and in numerous online blogs such as – tourism montréal, damasketdentelle and Brazil’s janeladarua.