Dominik Sokolowski

My work is built with a rigor and a determination that requires a careful involvement of the viewer. The idea of chance is transmuted by that of a particular calculus. All my works will thus appear as a personal organization and structuring of the world.

The plastic construction of my paintings is very rigorous. It takes shape in successive stages, in superimposed layers, by repetition of plans, colors, by the use of impasto, brushing and wiping. The overlapping of planes or shapes ends up weaving together a structure giving at the same time the impression of a rigid mass or a systematic construction that one could almost disassemble and reassemble visually at our discretion. And yet there is very little chance in my way of putting in images these colors, this "painting".

A particularity of my work is certainly the repetition that we find both in each of the works as well as in all of my work. My evolution is characterized by the obsession of continuity: each work calling the next in a series stemming from the same big picture, spawner of all the others. Could it be the obsession to paint at all?

Basically my approach is part of the development of a new pictorial architecture which, while being formal expresses itself with rigor and sensuality.