Caio Borges

Caio Borges was born in the south of Brazil where his search for art started at a young age. Drawing and painting are two good tools in the restless hands of a curious and well gifted young man to create and have fun. He considers himself self-taught figurative modern, even with all the training he was able to accumulate through the years. His search took him to Rio de Janeiro which seemed the ideal place where some skills could be worked on. In 1978 he attended the studio of Marly Faro making pottery and sculpture. He stayed in Rio for three years and during this fruitful time participated in several conferences and won the prize artist of Clay of the year 1981. He also spent time between 1984-1986 researching and studying renaissance art in Florence and Rome.

A year later, 1987-1988, the artist participated in the collective studio of Florianópolis – Brazil where with the partnership of some artists assembled some collective and some individual art shows in Brazil and abroad. Back to his state, he continued his activities with ceramics, and with some colleagues he created a pottery studio where he taught lessons for a time. This rich phase culminated with the construction of his own studio in Pagara, Florianópolis, an area of wild nature with waterfalls that descend the slopes making a lot of noise – ideal place to live and create.

Caio’s work has been shown extensively in Brazil and internationally – in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal and Russia amongst others, at fairs in solo and group exhibitions. This aura of pleasure and enjoyment hangs up to this day in his creations generating creativity and giving wings to the expression. Caio believes that creativity is a rainbow of colors andmaterials almost uncontrollable by the artist and themes emerges, often in a different line from that which the audience is accustomed to.

Ready for another rebirth the artist is now living in the US to see closely how art is reborn here.